Rome, the capital of Italy, a city born more than 2000 years ago, rich in artistic, cultural and archaeological heritage, that has no analogues in the world!

A special atmosphere that will fascinate you reigns in the Eternal City! The majestic Coliseum, the amazing works of Michelangelo, the sights of the Vatican – here you can touch the history and forget about the time walking along the narrow, green streets in the city centre.

Planning your wedding in Rome allows the Italian Luxury Wedding team to offer you endless options and ways to organize it. A huge variety of beautiful and unique places in the city and its surroundings: historical buildings, ancient and modern villas and castles, beautiful scenery and many extra exclusive activities, such as tours of Rome by night, mini-cruises on the sea, winery tours with wine tastings and exquisite local dishes.

Unleash your imagination and your dreams about an unusual and fantastic celebration can come true with the help of Italian Luxury Wedding!

Rome is eternal like your love and it is waiting for you!

Our proposals for a fairytale wedding in the Eternal City? They are a secret, which will be revealed only to you!

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